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Binnacle Compass Large
This is a fully functional Binnacle compass that was used to hold a ships magnetic compass. It is made of solid brass tinted with a golden glow. A floating dial compass is securely fitted inside which can be seen through the glass window.
Captain Kidds Pirate Ship Adventure
This hand made model of Captain Kidds Adventure is hand made, not a kit painted.. This model can be admired by all! At 36" long tip to tail it is a great size for display includes wood base.
Chris Craft Runabout
$799.89 $624.89
The Chris Craft Runabout model boat measures 32.5"L x 9.25"W x 9"T and is shipped fully assembled, ready to be displayed.
De Zeven Provincien Model
The De Zeven Provincien model ship measures 37" Long x 12" Wide x 32" High.The De Zeven Provincien ship model is built from plank on frame and is not from any sort of kit. This historic Dutch model ship comes fully assembled.
Flying Dutchman Model
SKU: 4SMSSDutch...
Built from scratch by master artisans,Individual wooden planks used in plank-on-frame hull construction, High quality woods include cherry, birch, maple and rosewood, Extensive rigging and historically accurate sails, Gun ports actually cut into the hull
Gimbaled Compass On Tristand
SKU: 2SMSSND009...
This is a fully functional gimbaled compass. It is made of high quality brass with a silver tinted finish. Each component is crafted with the finest craftsmanship. Compass, body, and tri stand is made of solid brass while other parts are made of brass str
HMS Surprise Model Ship
SKU: 4SMSSA1602...
The HMS Surprise 38" model ship measures 38" Long x 12" Wide x 29" High. The HMS Surprise model ship is crafted and meticulously fashioned by hand. The HMS Surprise model is shipped fully assembled and ready to be displayed.
Queen Mary LED Lighted Model Cruise Ship
SKU: 4SMSS3907
Celebrating the holder of the Blue Riband for the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing by a passenger vessel, the Limited Edition RMS Queen Mary model cruise ship is built with the finest craftsmanship and demanding attention to every detail
RMS Britannic Model Wood Cruise Ship
The meticulously painted cruise ship accurately represents the true colors of the real RMS Britannic Liner. Incredible details including pipes, ladders, vents, and life boats cover the deck of the ship. 40"Lx4.5"Wx16"T fully assembled.
USS Missouri Model
SKU: 10SMSSCust...
$999.95 $799.00
This early version of the USS Missouri ship model is custom built and ready to ship from North Carolina This handcrafted USS Missouri 1/450th scale model is painstakingly built by our master craftsmen with a wealth of detail.
USS Shangri La Model Aircraft Carrier
$3000.00 $995.00
This hand made wooden ship model of the USS Ronald Reagan CVN76 is a one of a kind replica, not a mass produced model. This limited release model ship is detailed magnificently. Look at the details on the deck, even the miniature aircraft!
Vintage Models For Sale
SKU: vintage
A category for our Vintage and Antique Model Ships, Model Kits, Tin Toys and Collectible Toys. Check our store on Auctiva and E-bay for all our listings
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