Model Ship Construction

  • Each of our model boats and ships are researched thoroughly through old drawings, pictures, plans and whenever possible an actual viewing of the ship or boat to be modeled.
  • The actual design of the model ship or boat is computer aided when possible to insure accuracy. However these model ships and boats are hand made by talented artisans so there may be some small variances from model to model and from the original vessel. After everything is scaled down we then have a blue print to build our models.
  • The finest woods and components are used; even on our entry level models. Rosewood, Teak, Cedar, Blackwood, Cherry, Mahogany, and many other exotic woods are used for their construction.
  • Most all of our models are constructed using the plank on frame method of construction, which means a skeleton of bulkheads is built first, and then each plank is hand cut to fit, then soaked in water to bend to fit the shape of the hull. This is the same method that is used in the constructions of real wooden boats, and it requires a lot of skill to get it just right. Most hulls are double planked, as are the real ships, and special adhesives are used to insure the planks and decks stay in place for many years to come.
  • The details are added after the main hull is constructed, such as cannons, lifeboats, masts, props, staircases, portholes, hatches, windshields (on speed boats), nets and the hundreds of other items that make our models so realistic in appearance.
  • The finish on our painted ship models and varnished ship models is painstakingly applied one coat at a time and micro sanded between coats to insure a consistent and deep final finish that will last for many years.
  • The fitment and final details are then added as well as the sails, cannons, crow’s nests, upholstery, windshields, props and all the many tiny details that make our models so intricate.
  • The rigging is the last step on our tall ship and sail boat models, and is probably the toughest part of a sailboat's construction. It takes many feet of linen rigging in various thicknesses and colors to make the model ships look like the original ships. Thousands of hand-tied knots are applied by skilled craftsman to keep the rigging realistic and taught.
  • When all this is complete each model is thoroughly inspected to insure the final product meets our high quality standards before it is packaged and shipped.


Our models take hundreds of painstaking hours by master craftsmen to construct.

We do recommend that you cover or purchase a display case so that your model remains in the best condition possible for years and generations to come. We think you’ll enjoy the lasting feeling of admiring your own magnificently crafted and highly detailed model ship from If you’re like us, you’ll want more than one! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and let us know. We want you to be 100% satisfied! However each model is custom made so no two models are exactly the same. Sometimes we will make suttle changes to our designs and they may not look exactly like the picture.

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