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San Felipe Tall Ship Model Free Shipping

This and all of our model ships are highly detailed works of art. A model like this would cost around $3,000.00 to commision for a build. Our talented staff spends many hours crafting the details you see on this model ship.
30 inches Long 

12 inches Wide

26 inches High

(1:91 scale)

    Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by master artisans
    Accurate scale replica tall ship models of the San Felipe
    Museum Quality features not available in other tall ship models under $3,000 or any kit
        Over 2,000 individual hull pieces, with more than 150 carved adornments
        Detailed scrollwork, carvings, beakhead and railed quarter balconies with hand-painting
        Historically correct sails
        Extensive rigging with hundreds of single, double and triple deadeyes
        Realistic lifeboats with oars and numerous other deck features
        Numerous additional deck details such as cannon balls, barrels, rope coils, cleats, etc.
    Individual wooden planks used in plank-on-frame hull construction
    High quality woods include walnut, cherry, birch, teak and rosewood
    Gun ports actually cut into the hull
    Amazing Details, including:
        Planked deck with nail holes
        Authentic scale lifeboats with oars
        Curved wooden staircases ascend aftcastle and forecastle
        Over 100 individual cannon arm the ship
        Solid brass cannon fire through actual gun ports
        Cannonball racks, buckets, barrels, rope coils and other nautical items adorn decks
        Lattice grates, rudder chains, wooden ladders and planked steps
        Four metal anchors on anchor-chains
        Masterfully stitched, heavy canvas sails
        Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and color
        Three delicate lanterns astern
        Cloth flags fly from masts and rigging
    Limited production run only 50 of these model tall ships
    Marble display base features four arched dolphins
        Pictured with marble base a $35.00 option is Free from Ship Model Superstore! The base does require a small amount of work to attach the dolphins to the marble and requires loctite adhesive not included.

Historic Past

The ship was named after Philipp V of Spain, the first Bourbon ruler of Spain, who in the War of the Spanish Succession managed to defend his throne against the claims of the Austrian Habsburgs.
The ship was built by Ciprián Autrán and Pedro Boyer using the system and the new design specifications of Antonio de Gaztañeta. The work on the shipyard of Guarnizo in Santander was finished in 1732. This three-decker was a giant of 1965 tons that could take up to 114 cannon. At that time only the French Foudroyant was larger.

In a register of 1740 the crew was stated to be 1152 men. The “Real Felipe” proved to be a firm vessel of great firepower. In the battle of Toulon on 22 February 1744 she was repeatedly attacked by British ships. She could repulse all attacks and fought “like hell”, according to English sources. However, the ship was damaged so badly that she was never completely repaired, due to high cost. In 1750 she was finally broken up.

The "Real Felipe" is supposed to be the largest and most beautiful ship of the Spanish fleet at that time. Strangely, despite of that there is no proven contemporary illustration of her. In books, articles or Internet one can find many depictions, but they are all different and none of them is contemporary. Jose Ignacio Gonzales-Aller Hierro, the former curator of the Museo Naval in Madrid, provided some information. He has published several books about the Spanish fleet, and about the inventory of the Museo Naval. In his publications "Navío Real Felipe" and "El navíos de tres puentes en la Armada española" he in detail outlined the history of the ship. So he should know about contemporary sources. He told me that there are indeed no proven contemporary drawings or paintings of the ship. Even with the most prominent drawing of the ship one does not know when the drawing was made and by whom.

The first illustration of the "Real Felipe" was made in the second half of the 18th century by José Manuel de Moraleda y Montero. The artist was born only in 1750, the year when the ship was broken up.
In 1796 a series of engravings about the battle of Toulon 1744 was made by some artists. The “Real Felipe” is depicted differently each time, depending on the artist. Jose Ignacio Gonzales-Aller Hierro stated to me that the ships depicted do not correspond to Spanish ships of the line during the first half of the 18th century.
In the 20th century some drawings of the ship were made by Rafael Berenguer Moreno de Guerra. However, his drawings differ from the others. In the book "El Buque en la Armada Espanola"of 1981 one can find a somewhat sketchy reconstruction of the “Real Felipe”. This depiction, too, differs from those of the 18th century and looks like being based mostly on imagination.

The San Felipe (shipwreck) (also known as El Lerri, El Terri, or Tyrri) is a historic shipwreck near Islamorada, Florida, United States. It is located east of Lower Matecumbe Key and south of the wreck of the San Pedro. On August 11, 1994, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.


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