Dickie Walker Fishing Boat Model

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Dickie Walker Fishing Boat Model -  Free Shipping

This ship model come's to you new  straight from the builder.  

Construction: Months of research goes into the planning of these model boats. Original plans and pictures are used for their design and realism.

Model dimensions: 25.3"Long x 6"Wide x 21.5"Tall

  • Rosewood, Ebony, English Sycamore, Blackwood, Mahogany and Cherry wood

  • Metal:tiny details chrome plate, brass plate and gold plate

  • Sails and rigging are made of linen

  • Each model ship is built to be the highest quality and accuracy possible for your investment.

    Historic Past

    The Dickie Walker is modeled after the actual ship that is owned by a multi millionare, CEO from California. It took six months to research and design this model. It is one of the finest examples available.

  • International fishing

    Fishing delivers an important role in a persons nutrition amassing for over 35,000 years, but the advancement of fishing boats over the last several thousand years provides significantly broadened societies’ ability to feed their selves and presents the modern world with an important source of healthy nourishment.

    Of the 4 million commercial fishing boats sailing the seas today, it is estimated that 1.3 million are modern day, decked craft that has enclosed areas and catch storage space or processing holds. Two-thirds of the remaining boats are believed to be traditionally powered vessels, including sailboats and rowboats, that are used by enthusiastic fishers for small scale commercial or subsistence offshore fishing inside coastal or island regions, as well as upon rivers and bodies of water.

    Although boats utilized for fishing date from antiquity as confirmed by historic Egyptian artwork, until the late medieval time period boats were generally adapted from other purposes rather than being designed specifically to optimize their ability to function as commercial fishing boats. With the development of effective, purpose-built fishing boats throughout the Renaissance, by the Age of Sail commercial fishing had become a major industry for a lot of northern European seagoing countries. Fishing fleets consisting of hundreds of sailing craft might spend weeks at sea, salting their catch for storage in kegs or transferring them to various other sailboats for transfer back to shore.

    Fishing boat made varied greatly by country, location and even individual shipyard as much as by function or intended catch throughout the age of sailboats.  During the 1950s, the design of mechanical commercial fishing boats increasingly constructed of steel or fiberglass started to become more standardized.

    Modern commercial fishing boats operate taking advantage of various fishing techniques and methods, depending upon their location, active fisheries and intended catch. The most common type is the fishing trawler, which drags huge nets hanging from its sides or held open behind the actual vessel as it moves through the water. Another is the “seiner”, or seine net, which deploys a long net to encircle a school of fish before drawing the fishing net tight to contain them. Tuna, mackerel, skipjack and squid are often fished using long lines with baited hooks, which may be extended on poles or booms from the sides and stern of the ship {as|considering that} it cruises gradually through the ocean.

H.Mooma on 03/04/2013 01:09pm
This model screams realism! I am looking forward to getting mine soon. I will be back.

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