Our Ship Models are some of the finest available anywhere in the world! In order to truly appreciate their beauty you need to see them in person. If you've ever made a purchase with one of those giant on-line companies you know that getting any questions answered, or talking to a real person is next to impossible. Ship Model Super Store is a not a giant; but we can be reached by phone or e-mail, and we enjoy providing that personal touch. We provide the same quality service with www.militarymodelsonline.com. If you have a question about any of our models simply complete the "feedback" form, drop us an e-mail at info@shipmodelsuperstore.com, or call us and we will respond in-person, in a timely manner.
Your questions will be answered professionally and courteously by owners Bob or Dee Dee. Contact us by phone between 8:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Time. 855-280-9590 (Toll Free) or (704) 254-3573.   Check us out on Facebook    Check us out on Google plus  
If you find a model like ours for a cheaper price please let us know we can usually beat our competitors price for that model! E-mail us and send us a link and we will do our best to save you money! 
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At Ship Model Superstore we carry only handmade wooden; ship models, boat models, sailboat models, speedboat models, and tall ship models. 
Our Custom Builds are affordable and highly detailed! These Model Ships are magnificent! Click Here To Get A Custom Quote!

Todays Specials

Enterprise Sailboat Model
$134.99 $127.89
Enterprise 24"L x 5"W x 32"H Wooden Ship Model Varnished Hull.Here is a rare sailboat model from the Americas cup series.On the yacht, you can easily locate gorgeous wooden parts and ornaments such as: wooden mast, wooden boom, wooden bunkers
Friesland Ship Model
$550.00 $499.00
This model Friesland is a one of a kind hand made replica of the original ship. only exotic woods are used in it's construction. As you can see from the detail it takes hundreds of hours to build this wooden tall ship. 37"L x 11"W x 35"H, Fully Assembled
HMS Endeavour Ship Model
$550.00 $499.00
The HMS Endeavour model ship measures 38" Long x 13" Wide x 32" High. The HMS Endeavour ship model ishandcrafted is not from any sort of kit. This historic model ship comes with it's own hard wood stand , and Fully Assembled
HMS Surprise Tall Ship Model
$550.00 $499.00
The HMS Surprise measures 37" Long x 12" Wide x 31" High. The HMS Surprise model ship is crafted and meticulously fashioned by hand. Fully Assembled
HMS Victory Custom Copper Ship Model
$5999.99 $4999.99
The Victory model ship is 1/200th Scale The Victory ship model is made of Copper Museum Quality.This is a “Custom Model Ship” where the model is unique and is shipped Fully Assembled
Pirate Ship Model
$891.38 $533.99
This is an “Exclusive Edition” where the model has a unique serial number etched into the hull 37"L plank on frame build. Dimensions 37"L x 11.5"W x 32"T
Queen Mary Model Ship
$533.95 $399.99
The Queen Mary model ship measures 40"(long) 12"(high) 5"(wide) and is shipped fully assembled, ready to be displayed. This is one of the finest model ships available anywhere! Great Gift Item! The model ship sits perfectly on the included base,
Shamrock Yacht Model
$245.70 $182.99
This model of a sailboat is a precision crafted replica of the real Shamrock! Great Gift Item! The model sail boat sits on the included base, which is made of a high-quality, conditioned wood, and has a brass name plate. This model is built from scratch
SS United States Model
$429.95 $355.99
Help save the Ship! Now available for the first time ever, a precise scale model of the SS United States. This highly collectible full-hull (not waterline) wood model ship. Free Shipping


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