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As estimated/predicted/specified the Atlantic 24 sailed into Camano Island and successfully docked at her assigned pier...The dock master was thrilled/surprised and captivated with the craftsmanship. I suggested that I made it, he knew better..Thanks again to the ShipModelSuperStore for her. efficiency, zeal, efficacy, attention to duty as well as a  Hot to Go Attitude. Thanks Again, I Shall Return, Rob Jones....


We gave Bob and Dee Dee a challenging project: recreate a specific, 17th century merchant ship based on old Dutch paintings and engravings. Our family is absolutely delighted with the results! Not only did the model maker capture the exiciting and romantic feel of the ship (re-imagined), he also added wonderful details that evoke the rough, working nature of the 1630s maritime world.
T Smith

Dee Dee
The ship arrived in Port, safe and sound! It is beautiful!

Dee Dee and Bob
Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I am very excited about the ship and so is my Brother.
Norine S.

Hi Dee Dee,
Thank you very much for swiftly sending the model! I know my father is going to love it. Thanks again!
Happy holidays
Bernard M.

Hi DeeDee,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! This is a gift for my husband, who is a recreational sailor. We have a house on a reservoir and always thought it would be wonderful to have a model boat to put in our living room, which is quite large. I'm a mediocre first mate who doesn't know a whole lot about boats. I'm looking for something fairly sizeable, detailed and well made.
I'm happy to have found your website!
Take care,
Lynn S.

Hi Dee Dee!
I received the model yesterday... it looks great! Thanks.
Gayle S.

Hi DeeDee,
My order is schedule to be delivered on Friday... I don't know what miracle you had to work to make that happen, but I am very grateful!
Thank you again for everything,

Thank you very much for the reliable service. I haven't seen the entire item yet only I peeked in from the top. It looks beautiful from what I can see. It is now wrapped and sure to be enjoyed by the one whom I had purchased it for. Hope to order more in the future.
Have a great holiday and new year to come.
Ursula T.

Hello DeeDee,
I did receive the Enterprise today. Thanks for sending it. Thanks also for the boson whistle. Love the wooden box. I will display it next to Enterprise.
Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

The ship is beautiful- He loved it. Received this afternoon.
Thank You much!!!
Leigh M.

Thank you both very much.
Yes, the Bluenose survived an Air Canada flight from Toronto to London and a British Airways flight from London to Frankfurt to arrive in Germany in perfect condition!
And, the ship was received with great joy.
The gift is much appreciated and we can use the boson’s whistle on our sailing trip in the Virgin Islands in a few weeks time to pipe everyone aboard!
Thanks again. Best wishes,

Thank you so much again for delivering a real keepsake, the Typhoon I hope will become a real family heirloom someday. It's so magnificient, it's as fun as taking delivery of a new Lexus. Not that I have a Lexus but one can only imagine. I want to order the Dixie II in the near future but not quite yet, then perhaps send off some gifts of your boats to my sisters and a few friends. Thank you again for your more than excellent models and your speedy service.
Tom L.