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   We are a family owned and operated business. Ship Model Super Store began when owners Robert & Dee Dee Winfrey wanted to find a way to share their love of model ships with the rest of the world "We have always enjoyed and admired model ships. The Ship Model Super Store provides us with a means to share our love of these handcrafted models, and to network with other people who share our passion for quality crafted wooden boat and ship models. We also bring to the family Military Models Online a new store loaded with hand crafted model planes"
 Both Bob and DeeDee started assembling models at a young age as a hobby. We spent many long hours assembling model kits and each would try and make our model's have the best detail and the most features. Fast Forward 30 years!


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Real People, Real Replicas, Fast Forward 30 years! 


   We appreciate and understand what it takes to make a fine quality model and have it display well. We searched the world over to find the builders that we use for our model building. We have both been involved in retail sales and know a customer is always our first priority. You are not a number with Ship Model Super Store; you are a person, and a friend who enjoys a hobby as much as we do. If you have a problem with an order, we will never leave you hanging. We check our e-mail constantly and will take calls up to 6:00 pm eastern standard time Monday - Friday. If you are not one-hundred percent satisfied with your order, contact us and we will do everything in our power to make it right. Our customers are number one. We do not use gimmicks, fake sales (on items that are out of stock) or use has-been celebrities to sell our products.


   We both really enjoy the classic lines of the antique tall ship models, the more details the better .


   The intricate details of the hull made as the real ship, plank on frame. The finished product requires an immense amount of skill to transfer to something so small. To space the boards properly and bend them to the proper contour takes time and skill that is hard to imagine unless you have tried to do it yourself. Each board is nailed and glued to make sure it is firmly attached and will not warp or buckle.


The deck is now added and any special wood types are added now mahogany, cedar, rosewood, teak and many other exotic woods.. The details are then added to the deck. All the small details like the wheel house, the cabins, and the cannons and captains quarters are also added. These planks are also laid by hand glued and nailed in place.

The finished hull structure is then sanded and varnished multiple times till the finish is a smooth and as glossy as a dining room table.


   On our Tall Ships the jib mast is installed with the other masts and it is time to start running the rigging and hanging the sails. This to me is the most difficult part of building a ship model. There are hundreds of feet of string required to rig the sails on this ship model. There is no glue involved as all the rigging is tied with real nautical style knots. The rigging has to be taught for the sails to look correct and that is where the skill is required. When completed this is the most aesthetic part of the grandeur of these ship models.Now the rest of the hardware, deck cleats, cannon balls, windows, and all the hardware which is made from metal and plated gold brass or chrome.


   All this work takes hundreds of hours to complete and yet these boat models are very affordable in our store . We can build you any model but they are considerable more expensive than our pre-assembled models or kits. Click the menu items and you will find we have a huge selection of model ships and model boats at affordable prices.


We gladly accept all major credit cards for payment and Pay Pal. If you have any special needs please let us know. We take custom orders for the commissioning of custom builds. You can check out our custom builds here  Custom Orders We enjoy providing a higher level of customer service. You can click this link to Contact Us

Orders are placed within 24 hours and are shipped usually within 3 business days. Except for holidays.


  Thank you for taking a look around. If you want to talk to a person (not a computer) you can call 1-855-280-9590


Bob & Dee Dee 

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